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Global Wealth Inequality: Time to Contextualize “the 99%”

In Class Politics, Decolonization, Geography/ Spatial Justice, Identity Politics on April 11, 2013 at 2:41 AM

For as much as been said about inequality within the imperial borders of the united states, there has been an almost-symmetrical silence about wealth and income inequalities on a global scale.

Consider, for instance, the popular slogan of the Occupy Wall St movement: “We are the 99%.” I have found myself more than once unable to utter those words, even with beloved comrades, even as I continued to be enraged with the neoliberal corporate regime spun from Wall St. that left millions in this country homeless, jobless, or otherwise economically insecure.

My hesitation with the slogan emanated from the fact that it still left unacknowledged the global South. The places from which genocide, hunger, and brutal suffering are silenced within the narrow confines of corporate mainstream media discourse.

So here it is: for as much as wealth inequality in the u.s. is disgraceful, the inequality we see in this planet, our only planet, is utterly egregious.

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