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No Words for Trayvon

In Creative Writing, Racial Politics on July 15, 2013 at 7:01 PM
justice for trayvon

We took the streets and shut down Times Square the day after the “not guilty” Zimmerman verdict. Photo (c) by Stacy Lanyon.

No words.

No words for
a jury
of five white women
and one Latina
that ruled
a black boy’s murder
as “defense.”

No words for
the media
that humiliate
and denigrate
a young black woman
who listened
as her friend
was followed
moments before
he’s gunned down.1

No words for
the brother
who scorned us
by saying he fears
for the murderer’s

No words for
the juror
that signed a deal
to profit from
a verdict
sealed. 3

lady justiceNo words for
the general attorney
whose devilish smirk
opened the gurney
for Justice gone berserk4

No words for
the laws
bankrolled by billionaires
that will
justify killings
of blacks and browns
“stand your ground”
is morally found.5

No words for
the white woman
whose hatred was foist
on the mother of a dead child
and rejoiced.6

No words for
the twenty year
of a black woman
who killed no one
while a murderer
gets back
his gun

No words for
an age-old
whose justice is not justice
and stand your ground
means shots all around.

No words for
the old man
reviled and hit
because he wrote
a song for
our new Emmett.8

trayvon sit-in

Time Square Sit-in for Trayvon, taken from my smart phone.

No words for
the youth of color
who know
Jim Crow
has writ
their lives are shit.

No words for
the many
already shot
whose names
we’ll never know

No words for
the many
who’ll die
like flies
blood on concrete
and all alone.

No words for
a people
in revolt
showing us
there’s hope
beyond the

No words for
the anger
of a nation
filled with
righteous rage
knowing that war
is right to wage.

And no words
for you,
Mr. Zimmerman:
forever now
your black violin
will play
the sound
of your
hateful sin.

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